Reel Steel Sport Fishing, Eureka, Humboldt County, California, Eureka, Humboldt County, California (2022)

9-5-2022 Today is the last day of our 2022 salmon season. May was great but the first part of September was a bust with warm water temperatures preventing the salmon from moving in close to shore. Once water temps cooled we began to catch fish. Today was typical with one fish caught per rod. The ocean today was pretty bouncy and at times covered with dense fog. We caught a couple of fish during the morning tide change but then things slowed down. Things really picked up with the afternoon tide change. In fact, we had a hard time keeping up with multiple bites and a couple of fish on at once. When the dust cleared, everyone had caught a keeper fish and it was time to head for home. The swells were building and we did not want to stay out too late. We also got a couple of new stories but those can only be told "on the boat".

9-4-2022 It was the penultimate day of salmon season and we crossed the bar with high hopes for a good day. As it turned out the ocean was flat calm but it was foggy most of the day. The sun came out towards the end and buoyed our spirits. The fish bit a little in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Slow in the middle. We had a little better than one fish per rod. All in all a pretty good day of salmon fishing.

9-3-2022 We were a little leery of the weather forecast for the Lost Coast but we took a chance and went for it anyway. There was a little breeze on the water and we were hoping that the fish would be biting in case we had to leave early. Well, things worked out perfectly. The wind never did really come up and the fish were hungry. We could have had our limits on the first drift but since we did not have any Ling Cod we went looking around. So we managed one Ling per angler plus limits of rockfish before the weather changed.

9-2-2022 The salmon bit much better for us today. We had limits by 11am and then stayed a little longer to get Sherry a salmon and to explore a little. The fish are nice size and in excellent condition.

9-1-2022 Our planned trip to the Lost Coast lost it's luster with a weather report that included lots of wind there. So we made the best of things and fished rockfish closer to home where we got half limits before the bite tapered off. So we went looking for salmon. We had a fair number of bites but the fish were not getting hooked. Eventually we did get a couple of salmon.

8-31-2022 It was a long way out to the tuna grounds. We were still about 10 miles short of our destination when the guys spotted a big bird pile (flock) sitting on the water. We quickly got the lines in the water and in less than five minutes we had a triple on. So after landing those fish we just hung around that area and had steady action. We had one five way hookup(landed 4) and lots of singles and doubles. After about three and a half hours of fishing the tote and the fish bag were totally maxed out. The fish were mostly large with many in the high twenties and low thirty pound range. The weather was perfect and it was a great crew.

8-30-2022 We made a run to the Lost Coast on flat calm seas. The fish were biting as soon as we got there. We made a few moves just to change things up but the fish were hungry everywhere we went. We had the usual nice variety including a little over one Ling Cod per rod. A great day with a really great group.

8-29-2022 We made a stab at salmon fishing today but after beating ourselves up trying to get offshore we quit and turned back around towards shore. Did not wet a line.

8-23-2022 We had quite a start to our Bay halibut trip this morning. We were about halfway down the Bay in the center of the channel when we spotted something floating in the water. At first we thought maybe it was a seal or possibly a log but it turned out to be a person. Hypothermic and barely floating. When we stopped and tried to communicate with him all we got was gibberish. We managed to pull him to the boat with a life ring and then pulled him through the transom tuna door (very handy to have). We took him to the Eureka boat ramp where were met by paramedics and an ambulance. It appeared that he will be all right. After that we bounced around the Bay trying to catch a halibut but all we got were a couple of "shorts".

8-22-2022 There are all kinds of things that can make a fishing trip "epic". Amazing weather, good company, big fish, lots of big fish. Today's trip had all of that. We had a great group on board that got to try their hand at tuna fishing. It took a little while in the morning to get located but once we did we had a spot all to ourselves with plenty of fish. Using the boats electronics we were able to identify a tuna boat in a trolling pattern about 5 miles West of us. We trolled in that direction but we never made it that far before the rods started going off. Epic. People often ask about what the limit is for tuna. We tell them not to worry about it because their arms will fall off before they can reach it. Today's group learned what that meant. Epic.

8-21-2022 We had an experienced group for our rockfish trip today. The ocean was pretty decent with not much wind. The fish were biting right off the bat and we were able to load the box fairly quickly. We only had to hit a few spots to get limits for everyone. They caught some nice Lings and a couple of real big Cabs.

8-18-2022 The wind was blowing in the Bay as we pulled out of the Marina. We were on our way to the Lost Coast for rockfish and we didn't want to see the wind. By the time we got to our first spot the wind had died down to nothing and conditions were near perfect. The fish were biting as soon as the first line went in. It was steady fishing but we moved around some to look for more variety and maybe a Ling Cod or two. We had a family on board and they were all good fisherfolks. Grandpa said he wasn't much of a fisherman but guess what? He said he thought he was stuck on the bottom but with a little coaxing the bottom began to move. With a little coaching and some help he was able to very slowly bring the beast to the boat. Actually two beasts, no three. He had hooked a Blue rockfish which was then inhaled by a 12# Ling Cod which was then inhaled by a 40# + Ling Cod. Yep, he caught three fish on one small hook. Guess he's a pretty good fisherman after all.

8-17-2022 We went after the salmon that got away yesterday without success. We had one bite that missed the hook and that was it for about three hours of trolling. The Bar was pretty chunky this morning and the seas did not come down as predicted but it was a great group and they stuck it out. We eventually slid inside and found some very willing rockfish and everyone had fun catching them.
Brian did great and NEVER missed a fish or a bite. Happy retirement. You've earned it.

8-16-2022 The forecast was for a choppy ocean and we cancelled everyone but two from Kansas that wanted to try to fish for salmon no matter what. We waited until the tide change and made it out across the Bar. The salmon fishing has not been too good but there have been a few fish caught. We put the lines out but it wasn't long before they decided that they had had enough bouncing around. As we were pulling in the lines to go home we had a salmon grab a bait. It made it to the surface but wasn't hooked good enough to make it to the net. It's nice to know there is at least one salmon out there. The nearshore water has cooled quite a bit which is good for salmon. There is still warm water offshore so we hope to get out after some more tuna when the ocean settles down.

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8-11-2022 Instead of a charter trip today we took a group of very experienced anglers to determine if there was any quantity of salmon available to catch. There have been salmon caught almost every day but only one or two per boat on average. While we found some good looking water we did not find the salmon. It is probably due to the influx of warm water that has brought the tuna in close.
It doesn't help that we have a full moon right now as well. The wind is supposed to start to blow offshore this weekend which may improve things but we won't know for sure until late next week. In the meantime we suggest keeping your powder dry until the next weather break.

8-10-2022 The weather on the tuna grounds was great again today. In fact it was almost too warm. We covered a lot of ground but the fish were not being too kind to us. We lost several fish that should have gone in the box. That's fishing sometimes. We don't have to like it when it happens though. Everyone got to pull on a tuna and went home with a bag of fresh tuna fillets. We are going to give salmon a go tomorrow.

8-9-2022 The weather was balmy and the ocean was calm again today on the tuna grounds. The fish remain scattered in small schools. We started the day with two doubles, then a very long dry spell then a triple and then singles after that. The grade of fish continues to be excellent. It was a lot of fun with nice folks.

8-8-2022 We had a magnificent day out tuna fishing. The ocean was flat calm with no wind. The bite was not red hot but we had a bite often enough to keep things interesting. It was a wonderful family that is doing a great job of raising their kids. Each kid got to pull on a couple of tuna. Usually the kid won but a couple of times the tuna won. Just as we were about to wrap it up for the day, two huge (200#) Bluefin tuna erupted from the water right next to the boat. It was an awe inspiring sight.

8-7-2022 We made our first real tuna run today. The ocean was nice until the afternoon when the South wind came up. The fish were scattered and not in large schools. We had a couple of doubles but most were singles. The fish were large and hard fighters. Everyone on the boat got to reel in at least one fish but we didn't fill the boat. The fish are close so it's not too long of a trip before we're fishing.

8-6-2022 The ocean wasn't glass flat but it was plenty fishable. The warm water has pushed in all of the way to the beach and we were wondering if the halibut could "handle the heat". By noon with only one fish in the box we were beginning to have some doubts. But patience can pay off in the halibut game and it did this time. By one o'clock we had a fish for everyone except the Captain and were ready to pull the plug and head in. But the bow rod was slack and when we started reeling we felt that halibut headshake. It took forever to get that fish to the boat and when we saw it we knew why. There was a 30# halibut on the top hook and a big skate on the bottom hook. In the end the halibut went in the box and the skate swam back to the bottom. Congratulations to Gracie, a 10 year old that landed the biggest halibut of the day.

8-5-2022 The sound of the roaring surf this morning made it clear we would not be venturing offshore today. We took a poll at the dock and decided to try the Bay for some California halibut. We grabbed some live shiner perch and went fishing. The weather was odd in the Bay and the wind literally changed from South to Northeast in minutes. Then it got calm and then blew from the West. We caught some short halibut but no keepers. The kelp flies descended on us when the wind quit blowing too. It was an odd day but we still had a good time.

8-4-2022 The halibut fishing was not red hot but we stuck it out and were rewarded with limits. Sunday will be the last day for Pacific Halibut in California this year. It was a good season with lots of nice fish caught. Now on to salmon, rockfish and tuna.

8-3-2022 It's Sherry's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY! We did things backward today and started off fishing for salmon. We did not get any salmon and heard the halibut bite was going on so we headed out to the halibut grounds and switched tackle. By then the halibut bite had slowed some. We ended the day one halibut short of limits and had to listen as some salmon were finally being caught. So we missed that. Oh well!

8-2-2022 It was an interesting day of Pacific Halibut fishing. We set the anchor after reaching our spot but we slid down a little and had to reposition. There was a ship operating a Remotely Operated Vehicle nearby but after contacting them we determined that we would be well clear of their operation. As it turned out they were having some difficulty with the ocean current and ended up close to us. Closer than I wanted to be at least. We cut loose from our anchor and drifted away while they worked out their issues. Once they were clear of us we pulled our anchor and moved to a whole new area. Once there, it took a while before we got any action. But then the fish came steady and at one point we had four bites in about 10 minutes. We only managed to land one of those fish. We broke one off and two never stuck. Eventually though, we got the job done and headed in with limits of halibut from 28# to 52#.

8-1-2022 We had a planned rockfish trip today even though it was the salmon opener. It worked out good since the salmon fishing was slow but the rockcod were really biting. It only took a few hours to get the 60 nice rockfish we needed for limits. The Lost Coast was as beautiful as I have ever seen it with glassy calm seas and good visibility to see the great coastline.

7-31-2022 The ocean was perfect this morning with glassy seas and no wind or fog. We made it out to the halibut grounds and dropped in our lines. We had to fight off the bait stealers for a while but eventually we hooked the first fish, a fat 45 #er. We boxed it and then it was a steady pick until we put our fifth and final fish in the box. It wasn't even 9:30 yet.

7-29-2022 It was kind of a slow day out on the halibut grounds. We missed a bite early and then later put a couple of nice fish in the box. Then it was a while before another bite that didn't stick. Shortly after that another short bite and then about 1:15 we got one to stick. That was enough for our gang who bravely stuck it out most of the day so we went in a little early one fish shy of limits. Tomorrow we prep the boat for Monday's salmon opener.

7-28-2022 It was another great day to be out on the water. Just like yesterday we had a group of real nice folks and the ocean was calm. The only real difference was that the Halibut wanted to bite today. It wasn't a morning bite so it took a while but we managed to bag limits of a very nice grade of fish. We even had a couple come unbuttoned like yesterday but enough held on to send everyone home with a good fish. Every rod caught a fish so everyone caught a fish on their own rod. The Captain claimed this took amazing skill but it was pretty much just luck.

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7-27-2022 We had a really great group on the boat today and the ocean was flat calm with some fog that moved in and out throughout the day. It would have been a perfect day except for one small detail. We couldn't get the halibut to stay hooked up. They bit good in the morning but by noon we had nothing to show for three solid hookups. We finally managed to get a fish to stick and it was a fat 50# fish.

7-26-2022 The rockfish trip we had planned for today changed to a tuna exploratory trip after one of the local offshore buoys gained six degrees overnight. We found the warm water and while there were some signs of life we did not see a lot of activity. We trolled around for several hours and eventually caught a 20# tuna. That was it for the day. We left the warm water early so we could get in a little rockfish on the way home and put half limits in the box before calling it a day. It was great to be trolling for tuna again and we expect better results as conditions continue to improve.

7-22-2022 Before we even headed out, one of today's group told me that we would have limits by 10am. I just smiled and said "sure". The morning started off pretty slow and it was a while before our first halibut. Once they started biting though, it was steady with a bite every 15 minutes or so. When we put the last fish in the box I asked what time it was. "10am" came the reply. What do you know.

7-21-2022 Well, today was more like it. After grinding all day yesterday we were happy to get our halibut limits before 9:30 this morning. We had a very nice family from Minnesota that put the wood to the halibut early and often. Then we tried for some sharks in the Bay without much success except for a bat ray and a clam shell. Still, we're calling it a successful day.

7-20-2022 Yesterday the fishing was easy. Not so much today. We put in a full day to catch 3 nice halibut. We missed a couple of bites that didn't stick so we had our chances. The Black Cod were back making it hard to keep a bait on the hook long enough to interest a halibut. Still, everyone went home with plenty of halibut for dinner and the freezer.

7-19-2022 We started out this morning questioning if we should even go. The seas were pretty rough and the wind in the harbor was blowing up whitecaps. We decided to give it a go and then the question was what to fish for. Everyone hemmed and hawed until one guy says "I want Halibut". OK, so we're going fishing and we're targeting Halibut. The bar was pretty big but we made it out fine. When we got to our spot there was a pretty good lump but we dropped in lines with the high hopes that only a fisherman understands. After a little bit we hooked a nice one and got it in the boat. A short while later we were hooked up again. Another keeper. We had drifted a ways so we made a move hoping to drift back over the same area. The drift had changed and we were drifting South instead of East. Apparently that was the right move because we hooked three more fish in short order and were done with limits. It was only 9:30. The Bay entrance had settled down by then so it was a quick trip back to the dock. Real nice folks on the boat. I'm glad they all got their fish today.

7-16-2022 We had a Bay trip today with a super nice family that wanted to get some experience with California Halibut. We anchored up for sharks during the worst of the tide and then switched over to halibut for a couple of hours. We didn't expect too much but they ended up catching a few to 28 inches. Things should improve with better tides. We are still waiting for the anchovies to start filtering into the Bay.

7-15-2022 The day started off great with flat calm seas and biting Halibut. And just when it looked like we were in for a short day the Halibut closed their mouths and refused to bite. We went for a long time without a bite before we finally got another fish. By then it was time to head in and we were one fish short of limits. The fish are there, they just are not biting all day with these big tides.

7-11-2022 It was a warm and sunny day today but there was a disagreeable lump on the ocean due to strong winds offshore. The halibut bite was almost nonexistent until around 1pm. Then things started to happen. We had plenty of bites in the next hour but getting the fish to the boat was another story. It could have been the swell or maybe the fish were not taking the bait all of the way but we missed several bites and had a couple of fish just come unbuttoned on the way up. We managed to put a couple in the box but we could have done much better. Now it looks like a couple of days off while we wait for the seas to settle down.

7-9-2022 We are getting spoiled with these calm ocean days and hot Pacific Halibut fishing. But like all good things it looks like it is going to pause for a few days while the wind blows offshore. The conditions were perfect for halibut fishing and we took advantage. The first hour was pretty boring with no bites but then things got interesting and we started to get some action. Almost every rod got bit and everyone got to reel in a halibut. We had one big tangle when a wild halibut slammed a bait and took off through everyone's line. Other than that, things went like clockwork and at 9:30 we were done with limits and headed back to the dock.

7-8-2022 The ocean was great again today with flat calm seas and no wind. We had a couple of youngsters on the boat and they fished hard all morning. They were kept busy catching Sand Dabs and Halibut. They had their halibut limits by 11 am. The grade was good again today with most of the fish in the 30# range. We put one rod on the bow with the clicker on and when line started peeling off of the reel it took all of us a few moments to figure out that a big halibut was making a run for the bottom. One of the boys took the rod and brought that fish all the way to the boat. Great job! At dock all their fish were filleted and should make for quite a bit of delicious eating.

7-7-2022 Today was the kind of day everyone dreams about when booking a fishing trip. The ocean was glass flat with no wind and the perfect air temperature. Everyone on the boat was cheerful and friendly. Best of all the big Pacific Halibut were in a biting mood. Except for one slightly smaller fish, all of the fish were over 30#. We had limits in the boat before 10 am. Back at the dock we were greeted by Sherry with fresh out of the oven snickerdoodle cookies.

7-6-2022 We ran to where we finished up yesterday with high expectations. The fishing was a little slower but they were still biting. We had one guy who really had the bad breaks though, literally. He lost two real heavy fish when the line broke, two different times. The first fish broke the main line and the next fish broke a leader. And then he never got another bite. Everyone else got their fish and were gracious enough to offer to share their fillets with him. Other than that it was a perfect day on the water.

7-5-2022 The Pacific Halibut fishing really kicked back into gear today. We tried a couple of spots and caught fish in both. The grade was medium. We were finished with limits including for the crew before noon. The weather started off windy and wet but cleared up a little and calmed down nicely. It was sultry but not too warm. We were pretty busy with the fish and missed several that bit but didn't stick. It was a fun group and everyone worked together to make it a productive trip.

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7-4-2022 Happy 4th of July everyone. What a great country we live in. We had every kind of weather on the ocean today. Clouds, sun, calm, wind, smooth seas, choppy seas. A little bit of everything. The halibut made us work again today. It was slow all morning with only one fish but eventually a friend called us and put us on some fish that were in a biting mood. They were a nice grade with most in the 30# range. We came up just short of limits again today when the last fish made a violent run and snapped the leader.

7-3-2022 The ocean was beautiful all day today. The Halibut fishing was pretty slow but we put in a full day since it was so nice and were only one fish short of limits when we headed in. It looks like good weather for the next few days.

7-2-2022 It was going to be too rough for our planned rockfish trip so we regrouped and took three anglers in the Bay for our first try at California Halibut this year. Conditions were perfect with no wind and good tides. The gang was pretty active with plenty of bites all morning. We landed about 14 fish but only a few were large enough to keep. Still, it was lots of fun.

6-28-2022 It was a long slow day for us. The fish would not bite for most of the day. Once they started biting it became obvious we weren't located so we pull anchor and began drifting. The current was so bad we had to maneuver the boat to stay on top of our baits. We finally picked up a couple of Halibut right at the end of the day. The group on the boat are great people (seeing a theme here?) and were patient and worked hard all day. The weather was clear and warm with flat seas. It looks like we are in for a few days of wind before we can get back out on the water.

6-27-2022 Today was quite different from yesterday. The ocean started off with a little South breeze but then got nicer as the day progressed. We fished most of the morning with no action. We finally made a significant move and that paid off for us. We hooked a real wild fish that was too much for the tackle and broke a 150# leader. Then we began to catch some fish and it wasn't too long before we had 5 halibut in the box for limits. It was a really nice group and I'm pretty sure they have a good time wherever they go. It's always a pleasure to have them on the boat.

6-26-2022 The day started off in a normal fashion for a Halibut trip. The ocean was nice and we were getting bit on a fairly regular basis. The first fish hooked came right in and went in the box. The second fish made it all of the way to the boat before it managed to shake the hook. Then we were getting bites but most of them wouldn't stick. It was pretty frustrating. Then the South wind came up and it got so sloppy that we just pulled the plug and headed back in. So we were a couple of fish short but thanks to some sharing everyone went home with fish.

6-25-2022 We had a VERY late cancellation so we ran with a short crew today for Pacific Halibut. One would think that would make for an easy day on the water. Well, we did everything possible to drag things out. We hooked a real nice halibut only to have the hook pull. Then we got attacked by a shark and lost a halibut rig. Then we hooked another halibut only to have the line break. All that happened as we were trying for our last fish. But we gave the five minute notice and low and behold we hookup and this one makes it all the way into the fish box. Mission accomplished!

6-20-2022 It looks like the weather is going to keep us tied to the dock for a few days.

6-18-2022 We were back on the Pacific Halibut grounds today. The fishing continues to be excellent with quite a few fish in the 30# to 40# range being caught. We had a few that size along with a couple of smaller ones. The current was ripping so we anchored up and that worked for us. Still a lot of pesky bait stealers but the gang persevered and managed to keep bait on long enough to get their limits of Halibut. There are a lot of Black Cod out there and we managed to hook a small one on a big circle hook. On the way up the fishing line took off at a weird angle and there was a lot of extra weight. After reeling everything in we saw that a shark had grabbed the Black Cod on the way up but spit it out leaving a very dead Cod full of big teeth marks on the hook.

6-17-2022 The ocean was glass flat for our rockfish trip today. The fishing was
good all day and we boxed some nice fish. We had a couple of hitchhiker Lings including one that grabbed a big Quillback. I don't know what that fish was thinking. Nothing but spines everywhere but it tried to eat it anyway. It was a fun day with a great group.

6-16-16-2022 We made a trip to the Lost Coast for rockfish. The ocean was really flat and we had great conditions for the whole trip. While not red hot, the fish bit pretty good. We ended up just a couple of ling cod short of limits but with limits of rockfish.

6-15-2022 We knew the bar crossing could be an issue this morning when we left the dock. With a monster runoff we weren't sure if we could cross early or if the fish would be biting when we got to our spot. Well the crossing was very nice but the run offshore was pretty sporty with a stacked up ebb slop. Once we were about four miles out the ocean got real nice. We set up for our first drift and the current was running strong. We decided to give the anchor a go and dropped the hook and set out our lines. It took about an hour of battling with pesky black cod before one of the halibut rods doubled over and it was FISH ON!. The fish eventually came to gaff after making several good runs. We were just getting the fish put away when a second rod went off, another good one. As we were fighting that fish another fish grabbed on. Whew! Three quick ones. It took a little bit to get everything straightened out and then we caught a couple more. Halibut limits before 10 am. Pretty good morning.

6-13-2022 I just got back from a week in Vancouver Washington for the Pacific Fisheries Management Council meeting. The big item for us was a recent stock assessment for Quillback and Copper rockfish. The assessment showed both species at very low levels. We were faced with the possibility of a 2 month rockfish season next year. To their credit, California Fish and Wildlife worked with us and other stakeholders to develop a strategy that would allow maximum fishing opportunity while protecting impacted fish stocks. The regulations next year will be different for each management area in the state as a result of stakeholder input. It is very likely that although we will lose November, December and part of May we will get to fish at all depths when open. This means that the Black Cod or big rockfish that you caught while halibut fishing can go right into the fish box. We should be back on the water Wednesday. We have had a few cancellations lately for summer or fall days so if you want on the list you can give Sherry a shout.

6-3-2022 We had a very late cancellation for a rockfish trip today so to conserve fuel costs we fished for halibut instead. The fishing was pretty slow and it took us the whole day to get fish. We were one fish short of limits when it was time to head in. The Black Cod are thick offshore and are making it difficult to keep a bait on. The ocean was super calm so it was an easy decision to stay all day.

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6-2-2022 The ocean was flat calm today so we made a trip to the rockfish grounds. The fishing started off a little on the slow side but got better as the morning progressed. We had a WIDE variety of fish plus a big octopus(released unharmed). We had a few ling cod and managed to lose a couple more right at the boat. Everyone got their limit of rockfish and went home with nice bags of fillets.

6-1-2022 We gave our best effort today to find some hungry halibut but were unsuccessful in our quest. The ocean was nice in the morning but breezy in the afternoon. There was not much swell.

5-31-2022 Today ended the first part of our May and August salmon season. Once again the fish were really biting. We started off a little slow but then they started to chew and we had limits in short order. Size wise the fish weren't much to brag about but limits by 10am sure is. We will focus on halibut, rockfish and ling cod until August 1st when salmon reopens.

5-28-2022 We decided that we wouldn't fish today. The strong winds in the forecast for the morning would be too much if they came early. Tomorrow doesn't look good and we haven't decided on Monday yet. Tuesday might be ok weather and then the rest of the week looks ok. Salmon will be closed until August beginning Wednesday so we will be fishing for halibut or rockfish.

5-27-2022 What an incredible morning of salmon fishing. We headed back to the spot where we found fish yesterday with hope that they would still be there. Boy were they! We did not even get the first line all the way down before it was "FISH ON" After that it was hard to get even two lines in before one would be hooked up. And there were some pretty nice fish in the mix too. It was as good of a salmon bite as I have ever seen. Just amazing. At one point one downrigger ball broke off so we were fishing one rod for 6 people. We still were limited out in an hour. It looks like the weather is coming up for a few days and the salmon season will end on Tuesday and then reopen August 1. I hope these fish stick around.

5-26-2022 It was another day of fantastic salmon fishing on the Reel Steel. We got a late start and cruised on out to where we caught fish yesterday. The ocean was flat calm and there were a lot of boats out. We trolled that area for a good bit but only caught two shakers. It was time for drastic measures. We took off hoping for greener pastures. We came across loads of Shearwaters and gulls feeding heavily so we stopped and sent our lures out. It wasn't long before we had a bite. Then it was very good action for the next hour or so that it took to put limits on the boat. We took a chance and it paid off. Thanks to our group that was willing for anything. Sometimes an open mind is what it takes to make a great day.

5-25-2022 It was foggy and windy as we crossed the Humboldt Bay Bar this morning. We were hoping to do a little Pacific Halibut fishing or salmon fishing. We got an early report that the current and wind were too strong for halibut fishing so we made our way out to the salmon grounds. We weren't too lucky early on and we lost a couple of fish and then we caught a couple. It didn't sound like it was better fishing anywhere else so we boxed our little spot and began to catch fish. The size was mixed but we did get a couple of real nice ones. We managed to put the last fish in the box before 10:30 so it was an early day for our gang.

5-23=2022 It was a little more breeze this morning but not much swell so we were able to get back out for salmon. The fish were right where we left them and they were in a biting mood. Even after losing a half dozen fish or so we were still completely limited out before 10am. We are off tomorrow due to more wind but then it looks like fishable weather for a while.

5-21-2022 It was too windy and rough to venture offshore so we fished in the Bay. The California Halibut have not come into the Bay in sufficient numbers so all that was left was shark fishing (or "sharkin'" as Quint would call it). As it happened, the sharks were in a receptive mood and we caught fish all morning. Everyone had a great time pulling on Leopard and sevengill sharks. The kids got some great pictures as they released their vanquished foes.

5-18-2022 We did not fish yesterday due to bad weather but today was a different story. We waited for the 8:30 tide change so we left the dock a little later than usual. The ocean was nice in the morning and got even nicer as the day wore on. We tried a different spot than where we had been fishing earlier in the week but did not have any luck there. We heard of a few fish being caught a mile away so we trolled in that direction. Once there we started to put some salmon in the boat. The action wasn't wide open like it has been but we eventually got all of our salmon and still made it back to the dock by 2pm. The weather was great, the company was great and the fishing was great!

5-16-2022 The wind was blowing this morning when we got up. That usually doesn't bode well for offshore fishing. We all met at the boat and discussed whether or not we should even try to go out. I let everyone decide for themselves and almost everyone wanted to give it a go. The swells were not big but the ocean was very choppy. So we slogged our way offshore. Conditions had changed dramatically from yesterday and the fishing started off a little slow. But once we got located it was "game on" again and we were busy battling hungry salmon. We got limits for everyone in short order and were on our way in before 11am.

5-15-2022 It was another fantastic day of salmon fishing out of Eureka. The fishing was a little slower than it has been the last few days but it was still excellent. We had limits before 11 am and in the meantime we were very busy. We had a lot of bites that didn't stick and some that did but didn't make it all of the way to the boat. We hooked two Thresher sharks. We even caught a couple of mackerel. Just after we caught our last fish we saw a huge Thresher shark thrashing around on the surface. The ocean was nice and we had a great group on the boat and that's about the most you can ask for.

5-14-2022 The salmon fishing out of Eureka is INSANE! right now. It takes longer to get to the fishing grounds than it does to catch limits. The salmon we caught a couple of days ago were full of krill but the fish we caught today were stuffed with sardines. It has been a while since we have had sardines around. We even saw a Mola. That is very unusual for May. The salmon fishing was intense. At one point we had four fish on at once. We are going to continue to concentrate on salmon until the end of the month and then we will switch to halibut or rockfish. So many choices.

5-13-2022 There was a little South wind blowing this morning but that didn't keep us from making the long trip to the rockfish grounds. It was a little bouncy but we were able to fish with no problem. With the one fish limit for Copper and Quillback rockfish we concentrated on Black and Canary rockfish. The Blacks were their usual hungry selves and it wasn't long before we had our fill. We tried for Ling Cod for a while with no success. In less than two hours we had rockfish limits. The folks that salmon fished had quick limits again today.

(Video) Humboldt County Dungeness crab on the Reel Steel

5-12-2022 No fishing for us today. We will be back out tomorrow. Just as a reminder. The salmon season ends May 31 and won't restart until August. The salmon are snapping right now so this is the time to get out and get them. We have spots available next week. Call Sherry. If you are already on the call list we won't forget you. It's first come first served.

5-11-2022 Eureka salmon is RED HOT!! Salmon fishing today was the best that we have seen in a few years. The wind was blowing and the ocean was a little cranky. The chop sent quite a few boats back in but the Reel Steel handled it with no problem and soon we were out near where we caught fish yesterday. The salmon were biting just like we left them and soon our rods were bending with wild Pacific King salmon on the lines. We had several double hookups and it was pretty much non stop action until 8:30 when we had limits for everyone.

5-10-2022 We had


How do you catch halibut in Humboldt Bay? ›

In Humboldt bay the fishing is best during June, July, and August with halibut starting to show up around April. Boat fishing is the preferred method for taking halibut, however the shore angler can also be productive. The biggest key to catching halibut is to remember that they are not a scavenger they are a predator.

What kind of fish are in Humboldt Bay? ›

Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, and Steelhead all pass through Humboldt Bay on their way to the bay's tributaries to spawn. In the past, the abundance of many species of fish was emblematic of the area, along with a vibrant fishing community.

Can you fish in Eureka? ›

This bay at Eureka offers a variety of fishing opportunities, including summertime salmon as well as California halibut, perch and even sharks. What is this? Lingcod and other bottomfish can be caught from the jetties at the mouth.

How do you bounce the ball for halibut? ›

How to Rig a Ball-Bouncing Setup for Halibut - YouTube

How many rods can you fish for halibut in California? ›

While fishing from public piers inside San Francisco and San Pablo bays you cannot use more than two rods and lines, two hand lines, or two nets, traps or other appliances used to take crabs.

What animals live in Humboldt Bay? ›

Summer visitors can see many terns, cormorants, and pelicans, as well as resident egrets, herons, and migratory songbirds such as warblers, sparrows, and swallows. Here is a list of Humboldt Bay's Watchable Wildlife. Most waterfowl, shorebirds, and raptors can be found on the Hookton Slough and Salmon Creek Units.

What months are crab season in California? ›

Fresh Dungeness crab, plucked straight from the Pacific Ocean, is a Sonoma County point of pride. Crab season traditionally runs from early November through late June, though prime season is in the winter months. Christmas crab for everyone!

Can you keep female rock crabs in California? ›

In California, recreational crabbers may keep both male and female crab, although many crabbers choose to release female crab as a matter of conservation etiquette. Female crab rarely reach the size of the larger, meatier males.

What sharks are legal to catch in California? ›

Sharks (State-managed)

The bag limits for shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus), thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus), and blue shark (Prionace glauca) allow take of two fish per day with no size limit.

What lures to use for halibut? ›

Soft plastic bodied Power Bait Grubs by Berkley are effective halibut lures because they are filled with scents and have specially designed crescent-shaped tails that wiggle just enough in the water to attract but not spook halibut. Eight-inch Grubs are recommended.

How do you catch a big halibut in California? ›

Best Bait Rigs for Halibut

Use a conventional reel in free-spool or a spinning reel with the bail open to feed line to the fish for five to 10 seconds before setting the hook. Big halibut inhale the bait right away, but smaller ones often grab it by the tail and race away, so give them time to eat the bait fully.

How do you do a drop shot rig? ›

How-To Rig a Dropshot - YouTube

What fishing hooks are illegal in California? ›

(1) No person shall use any single hook with a gap greater than 1 inch or any multiple hook with a gap greater than 3/4 inch. (2) It is unlawful to use any hook which is directly or indirectly attached closer than 18 inches to any weight exceeding 1/2 ounce.

How many hooks are allowed on a fishing line in California? ›

In California, “all fish may be taken only by angling with one closely attended rod and line or one hand line with not more than three hooks nor more than three artificial lures (each lure may have three hooks attached) thereto” (California Code of Regulations, section 2.00).

Is it legal to fish at night in California? ›

Answer: There are no time restrictions when fishing in the ocean unless you are fishing from a beach with a curfew. In most inland waters, salmon may only be taken between one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. (See CCR Title 14, section 3.00.)

Are there mountain lions in Humboldt County? ›

Griffith notes that Humboldt County is mountain lion country — panning to a shot of Humboldt Redwoods State Park where he says he sees their tracks — but even though they are around us all the time, the likelihood is most people will never see one.

Are there mountain lions in Humboldt? ›

Mule deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, coyotes, mountain lions, Himalayan Snow Cock, and small animals are common residents.

Are there bears in Eureka CA? ›

For residents who live in areas outside the city limits of Eureka, black bear sightings are a common occurrence whether it's Pigeon Point, Cutten or Freshwater.

Do I need a rod licence to fish in the sea? ›

The short answer to this question is no – sea fishing does not require a licence.

Is bait digging illegal? ›

No legal right exists to gather bait for sale or reward. Commercial bait digging requires consent from any agencies and the landowner's permission.

Are cast nets legal in UK sea? ›

It is illegal to use cast nets to catch freshwater fish, eels, trout, migratory trout or salmon in the North East. They are also illegal if used to catch migratory trout, salmon or freshwater eels up to six nautical miles from the coast line.

Is live bait fishing legal UK? ›

Bait and lures

You can use live bait (using small fish to catch bigger fish) providing you keep the bait fish at, and only use them in, the water you took them from.


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