Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (2022)

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (1)

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (2)

Most Americans are good-hearted people. They try to follow the Golden Rule and receive decent treatment in return.

So when Mar-a-Lago was raided, all Americans felt vicariously violated. The FBI may as well have invaded all of our homes. It was that personal.

Two days later, President Trump was interrogated for four hours and for four hours he answered no questions, taking the Fifth.

The raid and interrogation red-pilled the asleep and awake, the Republicans and Democrats, every race, color and creed as nothing else could've done.
A line was crossed in the soul of every American. We all feel molested and there's no going back. What little innocence or trust we had is shredded forever. We have looked on the face of Evil and we don't much like it.

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (3)

Evil ripped off its mask and showed its snarling teeth and horns. Writing for Red State, Nick Arama stated, "Raiding the private home of President Donald Trump was like kicking that sleeping giant. If people weren’t already fired up to come out to kick the Democrats out, this just made them more energized to do so."

He's right. On Twitter, Democrats are loudly and unabashedly proclaiming that the raid pushed them over the edge.

They're voting Red in November and for President Trump in 2024, come Hell, high water or the FBI.

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (4)

Regret Tweets and How!

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (5)

August 9th: The day after the Raid on Mar-a-Lago. The day Twitter exploded with #regret tweets.

They're not whistlin' Dixie either. You can feel these aren't kneejerk, hyperbolic, pouty tweets that the writers will soon regret and delete. Like Martin Luther, here they stand, they can do no other.


Because home is sacrosanct. I'll fight for my home as hard as I'll fight for my family. I've had to do it. Twice. Fighting to have my home and keep my home was so traumatic I frequently have nightmares where I have a home somewhere but can't find it.

Home isn't merely four walls and a roof. It's the sanctuary of our memories. It's where we make love and bring our babies home. It's our cozy protection against a cold world. Our lives are imprinted on those four walls, our love is sheltered by its roof.

So when President Trump's beloved home was violated, it flooded the soul of all decent Americans with disgust. If his office in Trump Tower had been searched, we wouldn't have felt it as keenly.

The raid was the final straw. These "never again" tweets are firm. Etched in stone.

And if these ex-Democrats ever are tempted to vote blue again, the Republican party will use the security footage of the FBI raiding Mar-a-Lago forever in their campaign ads. Best PR ever!

Is the FBI dumb or something!?! Oh, wait, don't answer that. It was rhetorical.

Much thanks to my friend, BleuKitty, for collecting these regret tweets and being so gracious in allowing me to steal them from her Truth Social account. There's plenty more where they came from. I only stole twenty of the best #regret tweets.

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Learning to Think Like the Evil

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (7)

The only way to anticipate Evil is to become Evil. No! Not literally. Perish the thought!

Use your God-given imagination to imagine the most heinous, evil machinations the Deep State government may do...and why they're doing it...then double whatever you imagine.

That's the technique I used from 2016-2020 while writing Narcissism Meets Normalcy, a blog for all victims of Narcissistic Abuse and Cult Abuse. It was ranked in the Top 10 of all narcissism blogs because I imaginatively put myself in the mind of a narcissist to figure out how they think and why they think as they do. Every action a narcissist takes is completely logical...but it's a cruel, twisted logic.

Every action the Deep State takes is logical too...but it's a darkly, evil twisted logic. They've been grooming us as their fodder for decades. Even our air and food are weaponized against us. And when we fall ill, they profit from that as well. It's a nearly perfect, brilliant system. They only wild cards they can't quite account for nor control are goodness, independence and the brightly burning American spirit.

Good people have a difficult time putting themselves in the mind of the Deep State, the Bilderbergers, all those shadowy Evil Deep State controlling figures whose families have worked together on their agenda for so many generations.

We can't fathom people who, just like us, have spouses and children they love yet have no God, no morals, no ethics, no hope of Heaven and apparently no nagging conscience. Filthy rich people who want our pittance too. Brilliant strategic patient people who, apparently, actually worship the Devil. I mean, how dumb is that!?!?

Yet, God's law must still be written on their hearts or they wouldn't dodge and demur and defend themselves against accusations as they do. They know the rules but flagrantly disregard them secretly, proving yet again that they know them!

Right now, the Evil Deep State is in a terrible hurry to implement as much devilry as possible in this brief Trumpless window of time. They're "making haste slowly" but they also gotta get it done ASAP. Ah, another gift! Their haste makes their Evil obvious, red-pilling the nation.

Just as we feel we're in an impossible situation, so do they. They're as frustrated as we are but for the opposite reason.

Obama was too lazy and too busy golfing to get his part of the agenda quite done. Hillary failed to cheat enough so the unthinkable happened. His name is Trump.

The DNC purposely picked a brainless shell with a nearly forgotten name, Fake Biden, over much more charismatic, intelligent candidates like Corey Booker. Someone who can easily be 25thed and disappeared. They know he's not Biden. They know he's brainless. It was by design. Conservatives screaming about it makes us look rathernaïve and foolish. The Deep State knows it better than we do!

But their devilry isn't quite going as intended. Those pesky courts with all those Trump appointed judges (because Obama couldn't be bothered) keep getting in the way. They abolished Roe v Wade. Ruled that mask mandates and jab mandates are unConstitutional.

The Covid jab was supposed to be universal. Even though millions took it, from the perspective of the Deep State I reckon they consider it a failure! So now they're trying to foment furor over Monkeypox and it ain't working. Fauci is bewailing that no one listens to him anymore (no duh!) while the CDC is rolling back guidelines everyone was ignoring already. They overplayed the Covid card and lost control. Awwwww, sucks to be them.

But everything they say and everything they do betrays the truth. For example, yesterdaythe FDA revealed their pro-pedophilia stance:

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (8)

The last time I checked, monkey pox is primary a sexually trasmitted disease in the homosexual community. So exactly which children are you talking about, FDA!?! Is there something you wanna confess? Oh, and by the way, Epstein didn't kill himself.

Seriously, IRS!? Get real!

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (9)

I'll end this article on a Pollyanish note. A little idea has been tickling and nagging but I didn't give it much credence until a friend/Patriot sent an email this afternoon regarding the extra IRS agents willing to use deadly force. He wrote: "I don't think this is even true, due to how historically messed up the IRS is. As for the guns--I doubt that this is even the truth--not this time. It's a scare tactic."

Huh, he doesn't usually look on the bright side quite that much!

He may have a good point: Military recruitments are way down so how in the Heck is the IRS going to find 87,000 people able to shoot straight and willing to kill Aunt Marjorie who forgot to declare her garage sale earnings in 1987.

I jest! I jest! I realize the 87,000 IRS goos are intended only to destroy Patriots but still! It's the freaking IRS. Maybe I'm weird, but working for them has never my Dream Job.

My local bar can't find employees. My local gas station closed on a Saturday for lack of staffing. The McDonalds in Bemidji curtailed hours because no one wants to work while a popular Bemidji restaurant closed its doors for lack of workers. So who, exactly, does the IRS think they're gonna get to work for them!?! Are there really 87,000 Americans who'll say, "I gotta me some of that"...or is it all those young, male illegal immigrants of fighting age who are intended for those roles. Oh, good grief!


Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (10)

What the FBI did was straight-up Evil but it red-pilled the world...hard! There was no way to avoid it. Even rags like the DailyMail (my guilty addiction!) that reported on RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA for four years is now reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop, the "Big Guy's" overseas businesses, Nancy Pelosi's son traveling to Taiwan with her, etc., etc. It's a beautiful thing to watch.

Something changed with the Mar-a-Lago raid. You can feel it, smell it in the air. People "git it" now. The War between Good and Evil just became very personal yet we hold our Peace while the Deep State creates False Flag after False Flag, even using Truth Social to announce them. Could they be any more obvious!?

They think in terms of violence. We don't! As usual, they project their Evil onto us as narcissists always do, just as Q predicted.

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (11)

I find comfort in this verse from the story of Joseph. The Deep State makes plans far into the future. God plans even further and His plans work.

Mar-a-Lago Raid Turned Dems Red En Masse! The Proof? Their Pi$$ed Off Tweets! (12)

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