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Thank you for visiting the Breast Augmentation portion of Dr. Jacobsen's Website. We feel anyone contemplating breast augmentation or breast implant surgery should research the procedure thoroughly. To help you with this we like to offer some information on different topics such as implant placement, incision placement, size, risks, complications and much more. View our patient Before & After Gallery below, as well as our most frequently asked questions, as answered by Dr. Jacobsen.

As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jacobsen recognizes there are many options for breast augmentation Phoenix services. For such an impactful procedure, it is critical that you choose the best surgeon with the best breast implants Phoenix has to offer. Which is why Dr. Jacobsen feels honored for every patient that allows him the privilege of caring for their breast augmentation.

Breasts are a personal and precious part of your life and body, and directly impact a woman's confidence and lifestyle. Proficient in many different surgical techniques, Dr. Jacobsen is confident he will be able to help you achieve the breast profile you desire while limiting long-term scarring. Rest assured, you will have an excellent, safe surgical procedure, as well as excellent postoperative care from his staff with fastidious follow-up 7 days a week. Dr. Jacobsen is committed to your recovery and will be available to answer your calls, your emails, and your text messages after surgery. Dr. Jacobsen hopes that with his excellent surgical skills and wonderful, attentive, and caring postoperative service that you will not only get the results you want, but also the best breast augmentation in Phoenix.

Before an augmentation it is important to research your plastic surgeon. It is perfectly legal for any doctor to perform plastic surgery in their office. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing a qualified surgeon.

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It is important that the American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies your plastic surgeon. Physicians who are boarded by the ABPS have had at least 3 to 6 years of General Surgery and additional 2 or 3 years training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This is a lot of training over many years, and essential to your safety! The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only plastic surgery board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. The ABMS has been around since 1933, and certifies all surgeons including Cardiac Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and other specialties keeping you safe and ensuring you are operated upon by an approved, well trained surgeon.

Once “Board Certified” by the American Board of Plastic Surgery your plastic surgeon becomes eligible to become a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Many “plastic surgeons” have certificates from weekend courses and other non-standard training that are not approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties.“Plastic surgeons” are now creating new boards to that do not require as much experience to appear better to the consumer. Any “board” with the word COSMETIC in it is not approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties!

Also, it is important to see if your plastic surgeon has privileges to perform plastic surgery in a hospital. Hospitals require a plastic surgeon to prove their training by having their boards approved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Only the American Board of Plastic Surgery is recognized by hospitals. So if the “cosmetic surgeon” you are seeking does not have privileges in a hospital to perform plastic surgery it is very likely your cosmetic surgeon is not properly board certified, and thus not properly trained. It is very important to research your surgeon. Call your cosmetic surgeon and ask: What hospital do you have privileges in to perform plastic surgery, and is your “board certification” approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties?

Every woman should get to have body she desires, which is why Dr. Jacobsen makes it a priority to provide an affordable breast augmentation in Phoenix. Breast augmentation is a wonderful way to augment the breast to give a better shape and contour to the chest wall and to augment the appearance of the shoulders and waistline. Often women with larger hips will look much more balanced and more slim when they are breast size matches their hip size. Breast augmentation can be done simply, usually through incision below the breast to place a saline or gel implant. This can be done usually within an hour and the patient can go home. Dr. Jacobsen has created specific instructions to care for yourself after the surgery to ensure you are safe and minimize any chance of complications.

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Usually, a snug brassiere will be provided for you to wear postoperatively. The incisions are quite small and are closed with antibiotic infused suture material that will fall out in usually 2 weeks. The incisions are sealed with Dermabond a cyanoacrylate superglue then sealed the incision so that he can shower the same day. Dr. Jacobsen has very specific postoperative surgical bra to help you recover. Usually there is an upper pole breast compressive Velcro elastic band that *helps hold the breast implants down into the proper position. As usually postoperatively the pectoralis muscle goes into a temporary spasm, which tend to push the implants too high. This band helps to keep them down into a more favorable position. While you are asleep Dr. Jacobsen is able to position your implants where they should be, but once you wake up the muscle then begins to contract or spasm. Sometimes pushing the implant superiorly or higher on your chest wall. The goal is to get the implants to drop, so to speak, down into the proper position and to relax the muscle as much as possible. For this reason, Valium, a muscle relaxant, will be proscribed for the first few days postoperatively. Allowing the pectoralis muscle to relax and allow the implant to fall into the correct position. The muscle relaxant also helps to prevent postoperative pain, which is usually related not to the surgery or the incisions themselves, but usually the spasms that occur in the pectoralis muscle. Valium used cautiously can be used to alleviate the symptoms associated with this. As in all his services Dr. Jacobsen strives to provide a high-value, affordable breast augmentation available in Phoenix, without cutting any corners on service, quality, outcome or great results.

It is natural to be concerned about procedure related scarring. Scars on the breasts were not meant to be, and it would be best if no woman ever experienced breast scarring. That being said, Dr. Jacobsen and his office have found that women who undergo breast procedures very rarely (if ever) regret the scar. Fortunately, on the female breast it is very rare that a keloid scar occurs. Dr. Jacobsen makes sure that scar is well away from any visible area that would show with normal clothing, bathing suit or brassiere. Most of the appropriate incisions for breast enhancement surgery, breast lift or augmentation are done on the lower part of the breast below the bra line and above the lower part of the brassiere so that they cannot be seen. Usually, the scars fade nicely with time. Others in your life will not see the scars in regular circumstances and are only seen in a dimly the room with your partner.

Scarring is a trade-off for your enhancement of your breast, but in the long experience of Dr. Jacobsen, he and his staff have noticed that women very rarely regret having small scars in the breast to achieve the enhancement that they desire. Once the enhancement is complete, the issue of the scar becomes much less prominent in patient's mind because the breast looks so much better overall, and the scar does not become a distraction because the breast becomes much more satisfying and appealing after surgery. It is our hope that you will be satisfied with the outcome of your surgery and that the scarring does not impact your satisfaction.

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